Fast-Track Your Product-Market Journey

Introducing a product to the market demands considerable resources, time, and constant refining. Pax6 specializes in navigating these waters. By employing rigorous market research, validating business ideas, and user experience design, we optimize your path to crafting sustainable digital products.

Our expertise encompasses:

Comprehensive Market Research & Segmentation
MVP definition and creation
Business Idea Validation
Attracting and Nurturing Early Adopters
Iterative Processes for Continuous Improvement
Strategic Roadmapping

Unlock Added Value

Partnering with Pax6 ensures:

Efficient processes that work.
Techniques to glean actionable early feedback.
Knowledge to act promptly and decisively.
Clear roadmap for your upcoming milestones.

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Your ambitions deserve more than just guidance — they demand tangible results

We don’t just consult or mentor; **we act**.

Our dedication manifests in rolling up our sleeves and working alongside you, propelling your startup to success.

Create a new product service

Get the flexibility that suits your pace

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or bi-weekly sessions, we mold our collaboration to fit your timeline.

At Pax6, we structure the collaboration and work at a pace that suits your startup's needs:

Short-term insights
Extended partnerships
Project-specific collaborations

"Over the last year, Pax6 helped us to launch our first product - a web-based application fitted onto a CRM that met the needs of the business, and our customers. Even though they built the product while being remote, they showed a strong sense of product ownership, and communicated with the team well while adhering to the best practices of Agile development methodologies.

One year later (and thanks to Lea's hard work), we are just about to launch version 2 and expand our geographical market reach. We can only recommend Lea for product development projects."

- Tibor Vozar, Founder, Merceros

Our Seamless Collaboration Process



Reach out, and we'll promptly discuss your objectives and the engagement's scope. Your initial consultation is on us – no strings attached.

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Kick off

Upon alignment, we'll determine key deliverables and get started. Our focus: delivering swift, tangible value.



From analysis to deliverables and implementation, our approach will be tailored to your unique scenario. Weekly sync-ups ensure we're always on the same page.



After meeting our engagement's goals, we'll smoothly transition, providing all essential documentation to ensure you proceed unhindered.


Ongoing Support

We're always here for you. Opt for continuous support to address any future queries with our product experts.

Remote, But Close

Our extensive remote experience ensures seamless collaborations. Regular touchpoints, transparent expectations, and our commitment guarantee a partnership as smoothly as in person.

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Get actionable tips and expert advice that you can implement in your startup immediately!