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Defigo - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Oslo, Norway
Kase Custom - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Arizona, USA
NowRenting - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Rhode Island, USA
Mist Auto Wash - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Dubai, UAE
Ocean Blue Innovation - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
California, USA
SI Brands - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
New York, USA
Merceros - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Berlin, Germany
Yapp - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Tel Aviv, Israel
Olee - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Novi Sad, Serbia
Horn of plenty - Pax6 Design Consultancy - Client
Berlin, Germany

We can help you

Improve and scale

Remove obstacles for growth

We work with businesses to iterate existing digital products and services and optimize its performance for the business and the user. Our evaluation methods are designed to detect obstacles to improvement. Our product design is always centered in user experience with an approach that is focused on scalability.

Product evaluation and strategy
User experience and journey improvement
Service design
Information architecture
Prototyping & testing
Improve and scale your digital product service
Transform and innovate your digital product service

Transform and innovate

Experience and product transformation

Find better ways to break through. Keep your product and service relevant and essential, and boost the growth of your business. Our team will help you identify opportunities and unmet customer needs, and turn them into competitive advantage.

Customer insights
Jobs to be done
Experience transformation
Requirements generating
Prototyping and testing

Create a new product

Make a smart start

Taking a digital product from idea to functional is a challenging path. It takes a lot of time, money, iterations, rework and waste. We help organizations and startups turn their ideas into viable digital products that bring value both to the business and to users. And we help them save their time and money through meaningful research, strategy and design.

Product strategy and roadmap
User experience
User journey creation
Product requirements and MVP
Prototyping & testing
Create a new product service

Augment your team

We can be a part of your product department, or we can help you build one.
Hire a product manager into your team for 3 to 12 months

Hire a product manager to join your team for 3 to 12 months

Whether you want to increase capacity to improve your product, to go after an opportunity, to cover leave, or to improve processes, our service is for you. We’re usually engaged by product team leaders and startup founders who are in need of a senior product manager.

"Over the last year, Pax6 helped us to launch our first product - a web-based application fitted onto a CRM that met the needs of the business, and our customers. Even though they built the product while being remote, they showed a strong sense of product ownership, and communicated with the team well while adhering to the best practices of Agile development methodologies."

- Tibor Vozar, Merceros
Coaching and mentoring services

Uplift your team with our coaching
and mentoring services

If your team lacks a senior product person to manage products, or you notice a knowledge gap in your product team that stands in the way of reaching product goals, this service is for you. We offer team coaching and one-to-one personalized mentoring to help you level up your knowledge, product development processes, and build confidence in your product skills.

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"If you're looking for a mentor who can help you reach your full potential, Lea is that person. She played a integral role in helping me develop my skills. She positively influenced my career trajectory and helped me build confidence in this field..."

- Linda Han

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