Why to choose our product manager consulting services?

We immerse in your company and embed in your team choosing our approach based on your needs, and adjusting our processes for your situation.
Our experienced managers will uplift your product development processes and team communication.
We have experience and knowledge of the product on every step of its development, from translating an idea to a profitable business case, to keeping the product relevant on the market.

How it works

Our process is designed for seamless immersion and best possible results

Get in touch

Get in touch with us and we will reach out to understand your requirements, discuss your goals and the scope of an engagement.

Our first call is free and sets no obligation.

Get in touch
Kick off

Once we meet and approve the engagement, we'll kick off by identifying the key milestones and jumping right in. Once onboarded, we will start adding value rapidly.

The work
Immersion, analysis, deliverables, implementation and recommendations

We will adjust to your situation and pick the most appropriate approach for your individual solution. We’ll schedule a weekly catch-up to ensure the engagement stays on track and expectations remain aligned.

Transition out

Once we’ve achieved the scope of the engagement we will begin the process of transitioning out, leaving all necessary documentation, artifacts and guidelines so that you can continue the work without distractions.

Post engagement support

We won’t let you on your own. You can set up an ongoing support to get answers to questions and concerns from our product managers.

We are 100% remote

Long experience in working remotely makes us masters at it. With regular communication and check-ins, and clear and manageable expectations, we’ll make this remote collaboration as smooth as it can be.

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